We make a difference

After rea­ding inspi­ring sto­ries about kids who had made a dif­fe­rence in their socie­ty or lives, the pupils of the 4aS also wan­ted to start their own projects.

They should make up their mind and find an idea to make a dif­fe­rence in our school. The first chal­len­ge was to find a good idea and how you could put it into practice.

Here are some of the crea­ti­ve ide­as from our pupils:

  • Free lear­ning les­sons after school
  • Own school garden
  • MST (Mittelschu­le Ternitz) coin system
  • Own healt­hy school cafeteria
  • Open lear­ning – Envi­ron­ment for everybody
  • Less check-ups – less stress

After gathe­ring their thoughts, it was time to crea­te a pos­ter or a Power Point pre­sen­ta­ti­on and to pre­pa­re the most inte­res­ting bul­let points.

Their ide­as and pre­sen­ta­ti­ons were very impres­si­ve and it was very hard for Mrs. Fal­ly and Mrs. May­er to select a winner. 

Now it is up to our head­mas­ter to choo­se one out of the­se ama­zing pro­jects and give one idea the pos­si­bi­li­ty to be realized.


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